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Contact:- Info@CathyLudgate.Com

Cathy Ludgate – ‘I see forms as beautiful metaphors that express our very essence, from the rich and diverse cellular level within us, to the texture and form of nature that surrounds us’.

Cathy Ludgate is a mixed media artist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has an Associate in Arts and attended the Vancouver Academy of Art for several years in the late 90’s. She was also an Artist in Residence at Rocky Point Art Gallery and Studio in Port Moody.

 “In my early days I primarily painted in oils, but after attending the Academy, I soon developed a love for water colours and acrylics. I am fascinated by the way the paint flows and attains a luminous quality on paper and canvas.

Realism is not my goal. I enjoy stimulating the imagination and senses with colour, value and texture. On the one hand colour has a language all of it’s own, subtle, peaceful, harmonizing and restful and on the other explosive, vibrant and exciting  As an artist I live in a visual field of stimuli, gaining inspiration from all around me, and creating images from these in my mind. These images are a direct result of my inner vision. They are a part of my psych and who I am as an artist. I rarely name a painting, to do so would influence you as the viewer. I want each work to have its own personal impact on you”.

Cathy is an active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and has exhibited in the following locations:

Place des Arts ‘Innovations’
City Soup Building, Evergreen Cultural Center
Rocky Point Art Gallery, Port Moody
Artist in the Park
Port Moody Library Building
Port Coquitlam library Building
Port Moody Art Association Annual Exhibition
Joye’s Gallery, Port Moody